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The Crossvent 2i+ ventilator has been specifically designed to fit into today's as well as yesterday's incubators.  It is easier than ever to use with its bright, color LCD display and more efficient user interface.  When purchased for retrofit into an existing International Biomedical Airborne incubator or Air Shields incubator, installation kits with instructions are provided for your convenience.  The Crossvent 2i+ ventilator is also available installed in new incubators.


Crossvent 2i+ Incubator Ventilator Display Menus

Main Menu

Main Menu

The Main menu offers control over the various modalities. These include:

Constant Flow
Flow Trigger
Pressure Support

Alarm 1 Menu

Alarm 1 Menu

In the Alarm 1 Menu, high and low limits are set for:

Peak Pressure
Exhaled Tidal Volume/Exhaled Minute Volume

Alarm 2 Menu

Alarm 2 Menu

In the Alarm 2 Menu, high and low limits are set for:

PEEP Pressure
Mean Pressure





CV-2i+ Specifications and Ordering


Breath Rate (Assist Control) 5- 150 bpm
Breath Rate (CMV) 1 - 150 bpm
Tidal Volume 5 - 750 ml
Inspiratory Time 0.1 - 3.0 sec.
I/E Ratio 3:1 to 1:99
Flow Rate 1 - 15 lpm
Peak Pressure 0 - 80 cmH2O
PEEP Pressure 0 - 20 cmH2O
Flow Trigger 1 -20 (scale)
Pressure Support 0 - 50 cmH2O
SIMV Rate 0.6 - 50 bpm
O2 Sensor 21 - 100%
Exhaled Tidal Volume 5 - 1300 ml

Dimensions & Weight

Height: 7.5" (19.1 cm)
Width: 8.4" (21.3 cm) 
Depth: 4.4" (11.2 cm)
Weight: 7.65 lbs. (3.5 kg)

Ordering Information

Built-in Ventilators

2200HC - Crossvent 2i for  Hill-Rom/Air Shields Isolette without built-in compressor
2200JC - Crossvent 2i for Airborne Isolette

Standard Accessories included

Infant Circuit
Infant Test Lung
Disposable Pneumotach
Oxygen Sensor Cell
Instruction/Service Manual
Power Supply/Charger
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Ventilation Modes

Pulsatile   Constant Flow

Assist Control SIMV CPAP

Pressure Support  Flow Trigger

Monitors & Alarms

Peak Pressure Rate Oxygen PEEP

 Mean Pressure Low Battery

  Exhaled Tidal Volume

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